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Calvert Center for Change

For help call 410-535-5400 x384

The Calvert Center for Change is a comprehensive sexual assault and domestic violence program. We provide crisis planning, counseling, advocacy, access to shelter, and facilitate educational and community awareness programs.

The Calvert Center for Change believes it is the right of every individual to live free of the fear of abuse and/or violence.

We offer services at all four Calvert County Behavioral Health locations: Chesapeake Beach, Prince Frederick, Barstow, and Lusby.

To request more information or schedule an appointment: 410-535-5400, x384 Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Hotline available 24/7 through Calvert Crisis Response: 1-877-467-5628

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Crisis Planning

This service helps individuals seek ways out of volatile situations through safety planning, crisis referrals, psychoeducation, and shelter services. We can also assist with information regarding the legal system.


Individual Therapy

Our licensed therapists are trained to treat children and adults who have experienced trauma related to physical, verbal, sexual or emotional abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence.


Safe Harbor Shelter

Safe Harbor is a residential shelter for abused individuals and their children. The primary purpose of this facility is to provide a supportive shelter experience for the family to establish its own healthy living environment. In collaboration, Calvert County Behavioral Health offers access to mental health and substance use treatment, as well as provides parenting education.

A significant aspect of the shelter experience for children includes a respite from witnessing violence. The time spent in shelter can illustrate how a peaceful, non-threatening environment encourages a healthier resolution for conflict.

Please contact Calvert Center for Change for more information on Safe Harbor Shelter at 410-535-5400, x384.

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