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5/1 Update: Calvert Drive-Thru Test Site

The Calvert Coronavirus Drive-thru Test Site launched on Tuesday. Almost 100 people were tested in our first two days without any delays or problems thanks to great work by the nursing professionals at the Health Department and the Hospital. Results were available to doctors and patients 2 days after Tuesday's tests were performed.

The one frustration is the difficulty people are having as they try to schedule testing appointments. Each person needs to get an order from their doctor or nurse practitioner. The patient then receives a code to schedule her/his appointment on a centralized state website called CRISP. Currently, the appointment spots aren't opened on CRISP until a few days before each testing date. As a result, if someone's doctor places an order for a COVID test on Thursday, the patient may not be able to schedule an appointment to have the test done until the following Sunday or Monday. 

On the local level, we have no control over the scheduling site. However, we had discussions with state officials and requested that appointment spots be made available a week prior to the testing dates. They are working toward this. This afternoon, they opened the appointments in CRISP for the coming week. Anyone who has already received a code from their healthcare provider can now go on the CRISP site and schedule for the Prince Frederick location.

For those who tried without success to schedule an appointment time, we share your frustration. Hopefully, the process will be smoother going forward.  

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