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Cases on the Rise..

As cases are on the rise, please be wise. Our case rate is at 129/100,000/7 days, which signals a significant increase to the cases in our community.

To reduce the strain on the community and healthcare system locally, please consider the following basics:

  • Wear a mask when in groups or indoors if you are medically vulnerable or are not up to date with vaccinations.

  • If your child is unvaccinated due to ineligibility or choice, please have them wear a mask when indoors.

  • If you or your child have symptoms of COVID, please stay home and get tested. Testing can be done at most medical offices as well as the CCHD Fox Run site

  • COVID symptoms include cough, shortness of breath, runny nose/congestion, headache, fever, chills, body aches, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, loss of taste/smell, sore throat

  • Symptoms can look like allergies or a GI bug!

  • If you have been exposed to COVID, please stay home for 5 days. If you become symptomatic in that time, please get tested. If you don't get symptoms, you can return to activities on days 6-10 if you can wear a mask at all times through day 10 to ensure you don't get symptoms later in the time frame.

  • If you haven't received your booster, please consider doing so. Vaccinations can be done at most medical offices, pharmacies and at the CCHD Fox Run site

  • If you test positive for COVID on rapid or PCR testing, please stay home for 5 days. If you are feeling well at the end of the 5 days, most of the time you can return to activities on days 6-10 while wearing a mask through day 10 at all times.

  • Please be mindful that if people are unable to mask wear, they should remain home for 10 days and return to usual activities on day 11 after either COVID infection or exposure.

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