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Coronavirus Update June 11, 2020

COVID infections continue to decrease across Calvert. Although it’s difficult to make direct comparisons of statistics over the past three months due to vast differences in testing availability between mid-March and early June, analysis of multiple data points indicate that COVID prevalence in our county is the lowest it’s been since March. For all of you who have been taking precautions such as wearing face masks, minimizing unnecessary trips, staying home when you don’t feel well, and maintaining the all-to-familiar 6 feet of space from others, please take a bow.

Where are we going from here? First we need to remember that COVID is still in our community, and the virus is present at even higher levels in many surrounding counties. Anyone who is 60 or older, anyone with health conditions that weaken their immune system, and anyone who lives in a household with someone at high-risk of medical complications should continue to avoid public situations that carry significant risk of infection. For others, we can socialize more, but each of us should continue to make reasonable choices that won’t spark new outbreaks.

If we continue to act with consideration for our family and neighbors, it’s possible that we may see cases drop near zero this summer. This should be our goal as we think about children going through chemotherapy, first responders with diabetes, and co-workers with chronic health conditions who want to safely return to their jobs.

Our health department staff is very happy to see businesses opening their doors and recreational activities resume. Let’s continue moving forward. At this point, maintaining reasonable distances from others on the sidelines of your child’s soccer games, wearing a face mask whenever possible in public indoor settings, and staying home when you or a family member is sick are relatively small prices to pay for a summer of relative normalcy.

Discover a new and uncrowded vacation destination this summer.

Consider eating out on a weeknight to support a local restaurant and avoid the crowds.

Shop in smaller, locally owned stores.

Become a regular at the Farmers’ Market.

Come up with your own list of ways to enjoy the summer while keeping yourself, your family, and your neighbors healthy.

Keep up the great work, Calvert!

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