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COVID-19 vaccination has begun in Calvert County!

Yesterday at the Calvert Health Department, the first 100 doses of vaccine were given to first responders and frontline health professionals who have been performing COVID testing since March.

EMS staff and healthcare workers from the Health Department and primary care offices across Calvert were first in line for the vaccines. Dr. Polsky, who heads our local health department and has been part of the team at the county drive thru COVID test site, was among those who were vaccinated today. "After all we've been through, it feels great to be part of the solution to end this ongoing outbreak," said Dr. Polsky. "We wish we had enough doses of vaccine to immediately inoculate everyone. We anticipate receiving a gradually increasing supply over the first three months of 2021."

The COVID vaccines have shown to be 95% effective in preventing infections. The Health Department will make announcements once vaccines are available to begin inoculations for the general public. We know there are many people anxious to receive protection, and everything will be done to expedite availability.

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