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Current Additional COVID Boosters Recommendations

CCHD has received a number of calls related to obtaining a fourth dose of COVID vaccination. The CDC and Maryland Department of Health recommend only one booster dose of Moderna or Pfizer to be administered 5 months after the initial 2-dose series is completed. There has been no recommendation for additional booster doses. This recommendation applies to everyone 12 years of age and older.

For those who have a weakened immune system, as determined by their medical provider, a third dose is required as a part of the initial series. This third dose is given 28 days after the second dose. Then, for those with weakened immune systems, a fourth dose should be administered 5 months after the third dose. Once this 5-month booster is received, there are no recommendations for additional Covid vaccinations.

If you are not immunocompromised, we do not recommend a fourth dose of vaccine. If you need a fourth dose as a result of a medical condition, please be sure to bring documentation from your medical provider to the vaccination site.

As more research evidence becomes available, we will update recommendations.

As always, vaccine dates and times can be found at under the vaccination registration tab. Please be sure to click on the link for the date of your choosing and follow the instructions. We do not bill insurance companies or charge a fee for the vaccine. Please keep in mind that if you have questions related to your vaccines, it is best to contact your medical provider to review the best practices for your health and well being.

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