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The Triple-demic

As many of you are aware, the county, state and country have seen an increased number of influenza cases, RSV cases and now an upward trend in COVID cases. It is important to take preventative measures including wearing a mask in crowded indoor settings. We would like to remind individuals in our community of the importance of getting tested quickly, assessed by a medical provider for illness and treated for that particular condition. There are antiviral treatments for influenza and COVID that are effective if prescribed early in a person’s illness. For people with chronic health problems, including children with asthma, adults with congestive heart failure, and people of any age with diabetes, early management of their underlying conditions can prevent severe illness and hospitalization for those infected with a respiratory virus.

If you are sick, please stay home. Please get assessed by a medical provider. When you are feeling poorly, and must be around others, please wear a mask, wash your hands with soap and water, and cover your cough or sneeze.

Many stores carry rapid antigen testing kits for COVID and most medical providers in our community offer both rapid and PCR send out testing for not only COVID but illnesses like RSV, influenza, and strep.

Our 713 Solomons Island Road site for COVID testing will remain open through 12/16/2022. Please find our calendar online at In addition, you can seek a local facility for testing and vaccination on the state’s COVID site,

Lastly, please consider getting your initial vaccine or booster as soon as possible to reduce your risk of serious illness and hospitalization. Many hospitals in the area are already strained with other illnesses and chronic conditions including those with cancer who require treatment. If you have not received your influenza vaccine, please do so as soon as possible. Even if you’ve been infected this season with influenza, there are other strains covered in the vaccine. If you have not received a COVID bivalent booster since they became available in September, please take advantage of the improved protection from the new formulation at least a week prior to holiday gatherings.

Again, please consider postponing plans if you or a household member are ill. Stay home from work and keep your kids home from school if they are feeling poorly. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.

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