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Update 4/24: Good News

The Calvert Health Department has some good news to share. Starting on Tuesday April 28, a coronavirus testing site will be established at the Prince Frederick vehicle emissions inspection facility. Our local health department worked with the Maryland Department of Health to arrange for testing material and logistical support, and now we’re partnering with Calvert Hospital to operate the testing site. We will have the capacity to perform 100 tests each week. If this proves insufficient, we will expand the testing.

Tests will be performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In order to arrange for a test, an individual needs to contact her/his primary care provider. Your healthcare provider will then determine if it’s appropriate for you to be tested for coronavirus. If so, she/he will place an order into an electronic medical system. You will then be given information to schedule an appointment for testing. Unless you have an appointment, you cannot be tested. Anyone arriving at the test site without an appointment will be turned away.

The test will be performed while people are in their vehicle. The test kit is then shipped to a laboratory that will send a result to your healthcare provider in 3-5 days. Anyone presenting for testing is considered to be at-risk for having COVID infection. As a result, until you receive results, you should stay home in isolation so you do not unintentionally infect others.

Prince Frederick will be the first rural location in Maryland to provide drive-thru testing for coronavirus. The Calvert Health Department thanks our colleagues at the Maryland Department of Health and at CalvertHealth Medical Center for helping us to make this service available to the residents of our county.

Anyone in need of a new primary care provider can contact:

Calvert Health Medical Group: 410 414-2778 or

Calvert Internal Medicine: 410 535-2005

Urgent Care: Dunkirk 410 650-4346 or Solomons 410 394-2800

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