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Update: Your actions over these next few days may be the single most important factor...

Your actions over these next few days may be the single most important factor in controlling coronavirus transmission for the remainder of the pandemic. Easter and Passover are traditionally times of family celebration and togetherness. This year, what are typically times of joy have the potential to cause unintentional spread of virus and a new spike in disease. The Health Department implores everyone to stay home and celebrate in-person only with people who live in your household. FaceTime, Skype, and other video platforms are the perfect way to share holidays with loved ones outside of your home.

If virus transmission increases over the next week, it will put into motion entirely new rounds of COVID outbreaks that will last through the month of May. This will lead to longer closures of businesses and recreational activities. Regardless of Executive Orders from Governor Hogan and advice from national health experts, reducing further spread of coronavirus ultimately rests on the willingness of our community to minimize contact with those outside of our households.

A faster squelching of coronavirus infections in Calvert will begin to take the burden off of overworked first responders and medical staff. These dedicated volunteers and professionals continue to risk their own health and safety to serve us. The least we can do is limit our trips to the grocery store, maintain distance between ourselves and others, and wash our hands frequently.

The health department proposed people voluntarily limit trips for groceries to once every 5 days on the following schedule:

Last name starting with A-C shop on days ending with 0 and 5

Last name starting with D-G shop on days ending with 1 and 6

Last name starting with H-L shop on days ending with 2 and 7

Last name starting with M-R shop on days ending with 3 and 8

Last name starting with S-Z shop on days ending with 4 and 9

We all want to get back to our normal routines as soon as possible. Our actions over the next week, and sustaining those efforts through the next month, are the key to getting us there. We can’t speed up time, but we can dramatically slow the spread of the virus. Take care of yourself, your family, and your neighbors. The Health Department wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday.

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