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Calvert County Positive COVID Tracking

*Calvert County Health Department tracks positive COVID results detected by both antigen and PCR tests. Home test cannot be reliably included since they are not consistently reported to the Health Department.

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Calvert County Cases
By Age Range

Calvert County Cases by Age Range, 02_23_23-03_22_231024_1.jpg

Calvert County Monthly

​**The figure displays total monthly COVID cases from March 2020 - February 2023. The March 2023 case count is prorated based on the number of infections reported through the past week. The count is preliminary and subject to change.

Calvert County Monthly COVID Cases (4)1024_1.jpg

Calvert County
Perecent Posivity

Calvert County COVID-19 Weekly Testing (4)1024_1.jpg

Calvert County Vaccine Series Status

Calvert County COVID Vaccine Administration (5)1024_1.jpg
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